Working from home : the COVID effect

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Like most users of the famous “keyboard-screen-mouse” trio, we’ve had to adapt to the constraints of “everyone at home”!

We’re lucky in that our business as a telecoms operator provides us with all the technologies we need. And we’re happy to make them available to our customers on exceptional terms…

As of spring 2020, all Numlog staff have been teleworking. The only exception is our Finance and Administration Manager, who hasn’t managed to take his file cabinets home with him!

And it’s working quite well: this upheaval in our habits has had no operational impact. Our productivity has not fallen at all, and in fact – according to our sales representative – has actually increased…

We have to admit, though, that we rather miss chatting in front of the coffee machine. Let’s hope that, thanks to the prowess of the health industry, we’ll soon be able to get back to it!