Personalised standard
Personalise your
reception with Numlog

Your switchboard reflects your company’s sense of welcome. It’s sometimes the first impression you leave with your callers. Make it as pleasant as possible with Numlog.

Customised standard: give voice to your image

Your sound communication is an important lever for your image. The telephone switchboard is often the first sound impression made on your callers. It’s important to maintain this image, and Numlog makes it easy to do so.

Our Numlog Studio service lets you create your telephone switchboard’s audio identity directly online in just 4 steps.

You can then create your pre-hook, on-hold, answering machine, interactive voice server, exceptional closing, etc. and :

  • Select your speaker’s voice;
  • Add royalty-free or commercial music from our up-to-date music libraries;
  • Write your announcements based on the examples provided;
  • Send your request so that we can create your messages.


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