Network security
Firewall and antispam :
securing your connections

Whether you’re connecting to the Internet or interconnecting with other internal or external networks, the security of your installations is essential. Our experts will work with you to put in place the security levels required for your business.

The security of your infrastructure should not be an option!

Whatever your business environment and cyber security needs, Numlog can help you implement the right firewall and anti-spam solutions.

We provide protection against external intrusions and guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your data flows, if you activate IPS mode on your firewall or use a VPN.

STORMSHIELD and MAILINBLACK, the combo for optimum safety

Our cyber-security offerings are backed by market leaders: STORMSHIELD for firewall solutions and MAILINBLACK for anti-spam.

Our STORMSHIELD firewalls have a very fine granularity of configuration, so they can be adapted to every situation. Whether you need to secure your web proxies or your VPN solutions, we have the answer to your needs.

Our MAILINBLACK anti-spam solutions are more than just anti-spam. When you implement them, you’ll benefit from MAILINBLACK’s technical advantages and Numlog’s security and production expertise.

Protect yourself and adopt safety in your everyday life!

At Numlog, cyber security is our “raison d’être”

From protecting your networks and virtualised infrastructures to protecting your sensitive data, we analyse your needs and put in place the level of security your business requires.

Our analyses using the ASQ security engine (STORMSHIELD IPS) provide an immediate response to new attacks and prevent even unknown attacks. They are based on 3 methods: protocol analysis, heuristic analysis, signature analysis with contexts.

Security expertise

Whatever the service offered, we analyse your security needs and propose the most appropriate solution. Security is a reflex for all our experts.

Proactive monitoring

Our teams are constantly monitoring your installations and infrastructures. Our tried and tested analysis methods enable us to anticipate any attacks.


Reliability of solutions

When it comes to IT security, there are no small issues. Backed by European security leaders STORMSHIELD and MAILINBLACK, our solutions are chosen and configured according to the size of your business, your sector of activity and your level of sensitivity.


Are you looking to manage the incoming and outgoing flows between your Internet computer network and external networks, whether open (the web) or protected (VPN)? STORMSHIELD firewalls enable you to control these two aspects with optimum security.

Available in two versions, we can help you choose the cyber security solution best suited to your infrastructure:

    • The virtualised model with STORMSHIELD’s Elastic Virtual Appliance: ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, this model simplifies the management and deployment of services, while optimising costs. Virtual appliances are primarily designed to protect virtualised environments.
    • UTM (physical) model with STORMSHIELD Network Security: ideal for medium and large enterprises, this model adapts to your existing infrastructure seamlessly and without impact. Benefit from the performance, connectivity and robustness of dedicated network hardware.


On the web proxy side, the STORMSHIELD Network Security http proxy can be used to perform a number of operations, including http flow antivirus, URL filtering, redirection to a captive portal, content analysis and QoS.

STORMSHIELD firewalls also have four technologies for VPN functionality: IPSec tunnels, SSL VPN tunnel mode, SSL VPN portal mode and PPTP.

Whichever version is deployed on your infrastructure, you can benefit from all these features, depending on your needs.


Controlling usage

Industrial firewall, Firewall/IPS/IDS mode, User identity-based firewall, Application firewall, Vulnerability detection, URL filtering.

Protection against threats

Intrusion prevention, protocol analysis, application inspection, protection against denial of service (DoS), anti-spam and anti-phishing, integrated anti-virus (HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP), detection of unknown malware by sandboxing, SSL decryption and inspection.

Confidentiality of exchanges

VPN IPSec site-to-site or nomadic, VPN SSL remote access.


Ergonomic and intuitive Web management interface, Centralised equipment management, On-board reporting and supervision tools, Interactive reports.


Did you know? More than 75% of emails exchanged carry spam, unwanted advertising promotions or computer viruses, and your employees spend an average of 5 hours a day on their email (source :

This means that the simple exchange of professional emails can have a major impact on your organisation.

The MAILINBLACK solution offered by numlog, thanks to a long-standing partnership with the leader in antispam, combines artificial intelligence and proprietary technologies to effectively protect your business email.

Much more than just an antispam, this tool will enable you to upgrade your security and set up appropriate options for your protection solutions (anti-phishing protection, anti-malware, anti-spearphishing, anti-spam, malware, phishing, ransomware, viruses, etc.).

You’ll have access to the solution’s personalised portal, so you can manage your employees and their email (easy add and delete), as well as your white and black lists.

Secure your company email inbox and communicate with your customers, suppliers and partners with complete peace of mind.

They trust us