WAN network
Private network infrastructure for multi-site businesses

The WAN (Wide Area Network) enables multi-site companies to interconnect within a single private network. This is the solution for setting up a totally watertight private network that is separate from the Internet.

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A complete solution for your secure WAN

Are you an SME with several sites or a large national or international group looking to interconnect your IT and/or telecommunications network? Numlog’s WAN solution provides you with all the network infrastructure solutions dedicated to your business.

By connecting your subsidiaries with a Numlog Internet link, you will benefit from a dedicated ISP with multi-functions such as a firewall, flow prioritisation and connectivity with your subsidiaries. The interconnection is carried out at the heart of our infrastructure in a private way that is disconnected from the Internet network.

A secure, multi-technology WAN

Numlog’s WAN solution includes an Internet output at the heart of the network with a hosted or dedicated firewall.

Totally watertight, your inter-site data exchanges never transit over the public Internet network and are totally protected for secure and fluid use of your resources.

This solution is based on our various multi-operator links (xDSL, fibre optic, Lan to Lan, VPN) and can be secured in active/active or active/passive mode.

A multitude of managed services

Entrust us with the installation and outsourcing of your network infrastructure, and optimise your processes with complete peace of mind!

It’s not up to you to adapt to the constraints of your network; it’s up to your infrastructure to respond to your business demands and uses. To do this, we always start our support with an audit and study of your ecosystem.

Secure multi-technology solutions

Depending on your needs, we adapt the technologies and links to be put in place to guarantee a robust and secure infrastructure.

Guaranteed quality of service

Each contract between us defines a certain number of criteria and commitments relating to QoS (Quality of Service) and SLA (Service-level agreement).

Supervision and support

Technical assistance, supervision of your installations, monitoring tools, etc. Numlog has set up specific interfaces for optimum support.

Single point of contact

From the analysis of your needs to on-site installation, you can count on the support of one of our experts for personalised follow-up.

Private network

Depending on your needs, the private WAN can be set up via different types of link (xDSL, fibre optic, dark fibre, LAN to LAN), always totally watertight and separate from the public Internet network.



The WAN network adapts perfectly to nomadic, mobile or remote work uses through the use of nomadic VPNs.

The security of your WAN network is a priority. Depending on your needs, we can install different firewall systems.

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