Cloud and virtualisation 
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Cloud computing, virtual machine hosting, virtual servers… these are just some of the terms used to describe the virtualisation of hosting practices for businesses. It’s a new way of looking at hosting your data, and one that offers a host of advantages.

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Host your servers and applications in virtual mode

Would you like to deploy a Cloud infrastructure to host an IT system, a business application or a web platform? These services don’t necessarily require hosting on a physical server.

With Numlog, you can benefit from the advantages of virtualisation and the cloud via VMs (Virtual Machines) managed by our teams. We provide you with an environment isolated from the rest of the system, with no interference between the programs running within a virtual machine and on the host hardware.

This modular hosting solution, which can be scaled to meet your needs, also guarantees you optimum levels of security and availability.


Physical servers VS virtual servers

Although still widely used, hosting on physical servers is gradually being overtaken by cloud hosting and virtualisation. And with good reason: physical hosting can have certain limitations that have a major impact on business activity (such as a hardware failure leading to a drop in productivity or the impossibility of installing certain applications).

VMs allow you to optimise your architecture and have a scalable, flexible hosting environment that meets your needs, is fully secure and has very high availability.

At Numlog, our VMs are deployed using cutting-edge technologies such as HYPER-V, Microsoft’s virtualisation system, or VMware.

Numlog, the cloud hosting expert


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Easy to install

With the support of our team, you can outsource your services easily, while ensuring the security of your data.

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Flexibility of the solution

You can extend and upgrade your hosting to suit your needs.

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High availability of services

Ensure your continuity by adopting the DRP or BCP solution. Consult our « Services » section.

Infrastructure hosting

We offer our expertise to help you bring your projects to fruition.

Depending on your application requirements, we can provide you with one or more Virtual Machines (VMs): servers, storage, backup, network, etc.

We’ll help you size each VM to meet the requirements of your applications.

Click here to see our section on infrastructure hosting.

The key benefits

Scalable architecture


High availability infrastrcucture



A wide range of options

Application hosting

Don’t have the infrastructure you need to host your applications? You don’t want to invest in equipment that needs maintaining?

If you opt to host your applications on our infrastructure, you’ll benefit from a secure, scalable, high-availability service.

The virtual machine will be prepared according to your needs after a personalised study of your project.

Contact our team to find out more.

The key benefits

On-demand scalable architecture

High availability infrastructure

A wide range of options

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