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 We’re not just a supplier!
As a partner in your network
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Serving your data flows

Since 1993, we’ve been helping our customers from all walks of life – manufacturers and retailers – to implement technical, secure and fully operational solutions and services.

As a service company based in Villiers Saint Frédéric in the Paris region, we operate nationally and internationally to meet your needs in terms of data exchanges, network interconnections, telecommunications and hosting.

As a dematerialised data flow operator, we have reliable, long-term solutions for your data exchanges in the EDI and EDTI worlds.

As a network and telecoms integrator, we guarantee you the best possible connection with the highest level of security.

Over the years, we’ve built up strong partnerships with leaders in our various fields.

We don’t limit ourselves to a simple request from our customers: we’re committed to offering you the most appropriate solutions in line with the winning combination of optimisation, performance and reliability. To achieve this, each of our interventions begins with a preliminary audit of your infrastructure, to guarantee optimum quality of service.

Unified, secure and coherent communications systems 

As a technical and operational facilitator, we adapt our methods to your business. Our challenge is to ensure that outsourcing all or part of your information system is no longer a hindrance but, on the contrary, a vector for the development of your business.

As specialists in EDI and EDTI data exchange, and in the security of your network communications, we are the essential link in connecting your business environments within your single- or multi-site company, or with your partners.

Convinced that the best tools and software can’t just be devised over long meetings in big offices, we take our customers’ problems as our starting point and design and develop tailor-made software. Adapted to field issues and business environments, we have several software developments to our credit, all of which are still in use with a large number of customers.

Whatever your sector of activity (automotive equipment manufacturers, mass retail, agri-food, services, healthcare, industry, etc.), at Numlog you’ll find a single point of contact capable of :

Understanding your technological, business and economic challenges.

Helping you implement reliable, sustainable and scalable solutions.


Autonomy and independence

Numlog's in-house expertise in the technologies we offer is the key to fast, relevant responses to your data exchange, telecommunications and infrastructure needs.

Agility and flexibility

We operate in sectors that are constantly changing. Technological innovations sometimes outstrip the pace of some companies. The rigour and versatility of our experts enable us to remain agile and offer you cutting-edge solutions.

Customer service

Thanks to their loyalty to the company (some of them have been with us for decades), our experts have a perfect command of our technologies. As a result, customer service is more than just a value - it's our “raison d'être” at Numlog. We seek to understand your operating methods so that we can support you as efficiently as possible. Our facility monitoring solutions provide you with complete transparency and peace of mind.

Commitment and reliability

Our job : ensuring the transit of sometimes highly sensitive data. For this reason, all our installations must be fully stable and secure to guarantee a high level of service.


  • 1993

    Creation of Numlog

    Founded by Francis Gaschet and Jean-Michel Mayoux, both former Renault Group employees.

  • Start of deployment of the OFTP protocol, specified by ODETTE, in the automotive industry.

    Early 1994

    Development of a new product at Numlog to implement the OFTP protocol: FT-Master.

  • 2000

    Appearance of the ENX (European Network Exchange) network, a European VPN dedicated to the automotive industry.

  • Network security service, marketing of the IPSec range of firewalls and VPN gateways, support in implementing ENX.

  • 2001

    Numlog becomes a virtual Internet operator

    Installation and management of our customers’ xDSL and fibre optic links.


    Signing of a partnership contract with France Telecom to distribute ENX offers.

  • 2004

    Numlog deploys its solutions in a data centre, on highly available and redundant infrastructures.

  • 2005: Deployment of the first EDI solution.

    Multi-standard EDI translator and communication module.

    Launch of the HUB-Master Value-Added Network (VAN): multi-network and multi-protocol routing of EDI messages, EDI outsourcing solution and tax-compliant electronic invoicing.

  • 2007

    Renewal of the expert partnership contract with Orange Business Services

  • 2008

    Hosting of Numlog solutions in a second data centre, with automatic switchover from one data centre to the other in the event of an incident (DRP).

  • 2009

    OFTP 2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol) certification, a European data exchange standard.

    Numlog is the first French publisher to obtain this certification.

  • 2010

    Between 2010 and 2013

    Development of PIM software for managing and exchanging product data sheets: EasyPIM.

  • February 2014

    ARCEP awarded operator licence

  • 2016

    GS1 qualification obtained for the “EasyPIM Industrie” and “EasyPIM Pré-reférentiel” tools.

  • 2017

    Launch of the Numlog subsidiary in Mexico

  • 2018-2019

    Development period with cloud hosting infrastructure

  • 2020

    Change of management

    Aymeric Guinard succeeds Francis Gaschet as Numlog’s new CEO.

  • 2021

    Numlog gives its website and logo a makeover, with communication on social networks.

  • 2022

    Numlog obtains TISAX certification and moves into its 3rd DATACENTER.

    MIP activity discontinued.

  • 2025

    Patience: the sequel is currently being written!



Whether it’s electronic or technical data exchange, or the exchange of product data sheets, we develop tailor-made software solutions to meet the technical, business and organisational constraints of your sector.


Internet and fibre optic access, multi-site infrastructure via the WAN network, VPN solutions, security for your installations, your information and your connections, as well as specific services dedicated to the automotive industry, we offer a wide range of technologies to cover all your network connection needs.


Quality communications are the key to successful business relationships and partnerships. Aware of this strategic issue for businesses, we work alongside you as a telecoms integrator to ensure that your company benefits from the newest technologies.


Setting up a dedicated hosting infrastructure, virtualising your hosting, business continuity or recovery plans – your hosting solutions must be faultless. We can help you make the best technical choices for your business.