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It’s hard to find your way around Internet connections? Today, there are many access and connection solutions available. Our experts can help you choose the right solution for your infrastructure.

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Complete and flexible management of your Internet access

Connecting to the Internet and ensuring stable access to it is a real communications and interconnection challenge for every company, whatever its size. Each structure has its own particularities in this area, and must have resources adapted to its business environment to circulate its digital data under optimum conditions.

Numlog offers a wide range of secure solutions for your future Internet links, including optical, copper or hertzian technology, including fibre optic, xDSL, Lan to Lan and 4G links. Benefit from available eligibility on different technologies to meet your speed requirements.

Internet access solutions for your business throughout France are made possible by Numlog’s many connection points thanks to its network of partner operators.

Prioritise your business applications and manage your flows

As well as connecting your Internet links, we support the installation of your network architecture by applying the principles of Quality of Service (QoS).

Our routers have automatic failover functions (multi-ISP mode), prioritising your flows according to the behaviour defined by the applications that originate them.

This prioritisation of traffic for services that use your network, such as IP telephony or business applications, guarantees optimum availability for your essential Internet flows.

Guaranteed optimum connectivity

Numlog is an all-in-one Internet operator and a member of ARCEP (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal services). As the manager of your Internet connections, we place availability, security and quality of service at the heart of our concerns.

Your day-to-day business requires a fast, stable connection. That’s why we analyse your needs according to your business environment and usage patterns, so that we can offer you the Internet access that’s right for you.

Single point of contact

From the analysis of your needs to on-site installation, you can count on the support of one of our experts for personalised follow-up.

Multi-operator and adjusted access

You will benefit from a wide range of choices when selecting your operator and type of Internet access, depending on your needs and usage on site(s), and your geographical location (subject to eligibility).

Security and stability for your access

On request, we can provide you with fixed public IP addressing, an IP router, link redundancy and other optional solutions tailored to your needs.

Supervision and support

Technical support, supervision of your installations, tools for displaying the load rate of your accesses, etc. Numlog has set up specific interfaces for optimum support.

Fibre optic link

Are you looking for high-performance Internet links? Does your business require very high speeds and a high quality of service? Deploying fibre optics within your company is the solution you need.

Optical fibre is the third major generation of wired telecoms infrastructure. To date, it represents the most advanced Internet connection technology. Its deployment in businesses brings considerable advantages to Internet connections. Economical and environmentally friendly, fibre optics enable massive data transmission with ultra-fast bandwidth.

At Numlog, we carefully analyse your business habits and uses to offer you the right fibre optic solution.

Shared or dedicated, depending on your needs

To meet your needs, we offer two types of solution:

> Shared optical fibre or FTTH (fibre to the home) links, for a high-performance, cost-effective connection. These links will give you a very high-speed connection with asymmetrical speeds.

> Dedicated optical fibre for professionals or FTTO (fibre to the office) links. You’ll benefit from Internet access of up to 10 Gb/s and 100% guaranteed symmetrical throughput for the most bandwidth-hungry applications.

Other options are available to suit your business environment.

The key benefits

A turnkey solution

Once we’ve studied your needs, Numlog will take care of everything to ensure optimal implementation.

Customer support guarantee

Annual availability of your fibre optic links guaranteed at 99.8% and a Guaranteed Restoration Time (GRT) of up to 4.5 hours.

Supervision and monitoring 

Access to a business tool to monitor your Internet access load statistics and control your links.

Dedicated technologies

Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth from 6 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s, fixed public IP addressing range according to your needs, supply of an IP router, link redundancy …

xDSL links (or copper support)

Your business requires Internet access, but your browsing habits are standard. Then xDSL or copper connection solutions are for you!

Internet access technologies via xDSL links, also known as copper connections, are based on connecting your telephone lines. The network is shared, but the Internet signal is separate from the telephone signal to ensure a high frequency.

This type of Internet connection via copper lines is accessible to a very large number of companies and enables you to transfer your traditional digital data (site consultation, email processing, etc.) under optimum service conditions.

Copper connections: two families of links

To set up your copper connections, we offer two types of technology depending on your needs (speed, latency, budget, etc.):

  • ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). This is the most traditional and economical Internet connection on the market. ADSL technology, with its asymmetric bandwidth, is ideal for companies that are not strategically dependent on the Internet. It can also be used as a back-up solution for other Internet connections. It is quick and cost-effective to implement (1 to 2 weeks).
  • SDSL or EFM (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line or Ethernet in the First Mile). This type of copper connection offers a stable and constant symmetrical data rate (guaranteed from 512 kbits/s to 16 Mbit/s). SDSL or EFM links ensure that your exchanges are fluid and your applications run smoothly.

The key benefits

A fast, cost-effective solution

Widely used, xDSL links are the most economical connections. Implementation time is short (around 1 month, depending on the operator).

Customer support guarantee

99.8% annual availability of your copper links and a Guaranteed Restoration Time (GRT) of up to 4.5 hours (for SDSL and EFM links).


Third-party services

The copper connection gives you a fixed IP address or an IP addressing range on request, as well as DNS services and enhanced security.

LAN to LAN and dark fibre 

You want to interconnect your various remote sites via the implementation of a private network, without transit via the public Internet network. Numlog can help you set up your LAN to LAN and dark fibre network.

The private network or local area network is a central element within a company. By setting it up, you can ensure complete security and availability of your data and applications, to boost your performance. Your employees will enjoy optimum comfort when communicating and accessing all the company’s resources.

Numlog’s LAN to LAN and dark fibre solutions have been designed to meet these needs. Based on fibre optic or xDSL links, LAN to LAN enables you to interconnect your sites via a very high-speed connection. This optimises latency and transit times.

Depending on your requirements, we can secure this connection with a back-up link, enabling you to make a hot switch and avoid any interruption to services. We also offer cost-effective solutions based on the delivery of dark fibre.

LAN to LAN is a flexible solution that can grow with your needs. It will provide your corporate LAN with optimum security and quality of service (QoS).

The key benefits

A turnkey solution

Once we have studied your needs, Numlog will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure that your service is implemented quickly.

Adaptable connection and guaranteed speed

Depending on your needs, granularity of symmetrical speeds available, with throughput always 100% guaranteed.

Very high quality of service

Optimised latency and transit times, service subject to a Guaranteed Recovery Time (GRT) according to your needs.



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