EDI : electronic data interchange
Dematerialise your data exchanges

What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilitates and increases the reliability of file flows between company applications or between business partners. It is part of electronic document management (EDM).

Optimise your data exchanges with Numlog

With EDI, commercial, logistics and financial files are sent and received electronically. They are sent directly from computer to computer. This applies to data communication within the company as well as exchanges with customers and suppliers.

In this way, the transmission of documents is automated. Paper costs are reduced. Data is more reliable. And supply processes are accelerated.

EDI enables files to be read by heterogeneous information systems (IS). Documents are converted into a standard electronic format. This differs according to the standard(s) in force in the company’s sector of activity (Edifact, Odette, Ansi, etc.).

EDI put an end to manual data entry

Why dematerialise the processing of invoices and orders? To avoid data-entry errors, by limiting human intervention. It also saves time for your company. What’s more, you don’t have to send your documents by e-mail, post or fax.

With EDI, files are transmitted directly to the recipient application and saved immediately, automatically and securely. The information no longer needs to be entered manually into the customer’s and supplier’s management tools. A traditional data exchange process, on the other hand, would involve several people and several communication channels.


100% Numlog dematerialisation

As an EDI specialist, Numlog helps companies streamline and secure the processing of their commercial, logistics and financial data flows. When it comes to electronic document management, we adapt to the technical, business and organisational constraints of your business sector. Given the complexity of logistics processes and the diversity of information systems, we are your single point of contact. We can help you automate, pool and secure the exchange of computerised data with your partners.

Numlog offers a complete range of services, from translating the EDI message into a standardised language to making it available to the recipient.

Single point of contact

You don’t need technical EDI skills. Our teams can give you the benefit of their dual technological and sectoral expertise in electronic data interchange.

Productivity gain

EDI eliminates manual data processing time and reduces the risk of data entry errors. All the more reason to boost your company’s productivity.

Customised pricing

With Numlog as your single point of contact, you can streamline costs. Our pricing is adapted to the volume of information exchanged, with no hidden costs.

Reliable solutions

You can take advantage of our outsourced automated data flow supervision tool or our own value-added network (VAN), which transports and translates messages.


With HUB-Master, you can outsource EDI flows via our value-added network (VAN). A high-availability, easy-to-access, secure gateway for electronic data exchange. The routing of your EDI flows is fully managed by the HUB-Master system, which will transmit your EDI flow to the right party.

Implementing and managing an EDI platform requires specific skills and heavy infrastructure. Especially when your company communicates with several partners whose systems and protocols differ from yours. To dematerialise your commercial, logistics and financial file exchange processes simply, opt for outsourcing. The HUB-Master solution offers you a fast, high-quality service. View your exchanges via a simple Internet browser.

Recognised networks

With HUB-Master, Numlog provides you with its own competitive and recognized value-added network (VAN). It manages all protocols and connections privately and securely.

You can send and receive standard or non-standard EDI files, in connected or degraded mode in the event of a problem. Numlog takes care of routing with the protocol and network required by your partners. Your partners do not need to be customers of our VAN, and the process requires no additional intervention or expense on your part.

Since 2005, more than 200 customers have relied on our HUB-MASTER solution to optimise electronic document management.

The benefits

Universal value-added network (VAN)

Multi-protocol, multi-network, multi-standard and compatible with all types of message: orders, invoices, dispatch notices, etc.

Secure infrastructure

All servers and networks are redundant in two separate hosting centres.

Very simple pricing system

The competitive HUB-Master solution enables secure consultation of the current costs of the service.

Regular reporting

E-mail alerts on certain events: SLA (Service Level Agreement), box not emptied by the customer for a certain period…


With Tuxedi, an outsourced B2B extension for translating, integrating and transmitting your logistics and sales flows. We can be your exclusive EDI service provider.

For the information systems of several companies to communicate, a standard document format is essential. Sender and receiver can then understand each other. So when two business partners decide to exchange data electronically, they must first determine the standard and version of EDI to be used.

Interfaces with your ERP

Tuxedi translates messages into a standard format recognised by all your customers and suppliers. Electronic files can be read and used by the internal applications of each stakeholder. Document processing is launched automatically.

This EDI solution can be adapted to all business sectors. It can be interfaced with ERP software packages on the market, whether Galia-certified or not. You only need one tool for all the company’s sites, with the option of customising the settings.

Numlog supports you from A to Z, from the translation and integration of your information to secure delivery.

The benefits

Open solution
Easy integration with your information system, numerous exchange scenarios, all standards supported.
A single, multilingual, multi-user tool

A single solution for all the company’s sites, simply by adapting certain parameters if necessary.

Interfaceable with your ERP

Tuxedi can be adapted to all business sectors: automotive, retail, logistics, etc.

Exclusive service provider: Numlog

Numlog manages your entire EDI project, eliminating the need for multiple contacts.

Facture électronique

Numlog supports your tax-compliant electronic invoicing process. This process will soon be mandatory for transactions between companies.

Electronic invoicing will become compulsory for all companies subject to VAT between 1 January 2023 and 1 January 2025, under the terms of the Finance Act for 2020. As well as being compulsory, electronic invoicing reduces the costs associated with the use of paper. You also get back some of the space reserved for archiving files.

As with all EDI-related measures, it takes some of the burden off your accounting department by shortening administrative processing times.

Invoices available online

Numlog facilitates your transition to electronic invoicing. Our service includes the creation of a summary statement of all your invoices issued or received. They are also available online in PDF format via our user interface. We also provide you with a list of dematerialisation partners.

In accordance with tax authority procedures, customer data is stored for a minimum of ten years.

The benefits

Meeting legal obligations

Electronic invoicing is about to become compulsory for all businesses.

Going paperless

Paper invoices no longer need to be printed, they are now available online.

Quick and easy to implement

With Numlog, dematerialising your invoices does not require you to mobilise significant in-house resources.


Numlog offers you a turnkey EDI solution using a simple Internet browser. It requires no changes to your existing IT infrastructure.

You don’t have a production management system, but your customers require EDI processes? Do you want to exchange electronic data with your suppliers but they don’t have the necessary equipment?

Our WEB-EDI tool can be accessed online, without prior installation on your premises or those of your commercial partners.

Internet forms

This solution connects your network of companies. Using Internet forms, you can issue invoices and dispatch notices, manage file transfers, receive orders, etc. Our WEB-EDI makes it easy to integrate all your correspondents, while meeting their quality and traceability requirements. To benefit from it, you don’t need any special software or specific EDI skills. It’s a cost-effective service, both in terms of installation and running costs.

The benefits

Quick and easy to implement

Does not require any specific in-house skills, or even a change to your company’s IT infrastructure.

Cost-effective solution

Both in terms of installation and running costs, our WEB-EDI allows you to limit your expenditure.

Compatible with the main data exchange formats and protocols

Its use is transparent to your partners.

A single tool for the entire supply chain

The solution enables you to view and generate orders, shipments, invoices, etc.

They trust us