Specific offers
Renault R3D, ENX network :
tailor-made connections

Do you have specific IP peering or transit requirements? Does your business sector require specific connections: Renault R3D or ENX network? Numlog can work with you from the assessment of your needs to the connection of your facilities.

Benefit from a personalised study of your needs

Extending your Internet connectivity? Connection to secure communication networks dedicated to the automotive industry?

Thanks to the partnerships we’ve built over many years, we’re able to offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

Specialist in specific connections for the automotive sector

The automotive industry is Numlog’s core business.

For all players in this sector, there are specific needs in terms of access to digital mock-up tools, engineering file exchange, or EDI messages.

At Numlog, we offer several services to meet your needs:

  • Connection to the RENAULT IAO R3D service
  • Connection to the ENX network (European Network eXchange)

Find out more below.

Independent advice, a guarantee of quality

We are committed to offering you the best solution, in conjunction with our trusted partners, for a 100% customised solution tailored to your business needs and challenges.

Personalised study

Every project is studied in detail, and we take into account each of your parameters to provide you with the best possible response.

Advice and support

Could several solutions suit your needs? We’ll show you each option and help you make the right choice.


Availability and expertise

Each of our partnerships is tried and tested, and we have built up a relationship of trust to ensure that we can respond to your needs as quickly as possible.


IP Transit and Peering

For optimized Internet connections, choose IP transit or Peering. Numlog’s Peering network allows you to extend your Internet connectivity and benefit from redundancy and the best path to access your services.

Our connections with the main Internet exchange points (IXPs or GIXs) in France (France IX ™, Equinix Internet Exchange™), enable us to optimise your connections to offer you a secure, high-quality Internet service.

In order to optimise the performance of our IP transit, and in particular latency to certain destinations, we have opted for multi-operator IP transit collection. This enables us to guarantee you fast, efficient traffic delivery.

Our presence with the main players in the market also enables us to connect our customers to the main Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

All our offers are available in white label. Supply of white-label collections, or different accesses to these same collections.

The key benefits

High-performance Internet IP transit

Our various suppliers and peering with the main players mean you can benefit from secure and optimised IP transit offers.

Service quality

By studying your needs, we can provide a very high level of service to ensure that your infrastructure meets all your expectations.

Renault R3D

Are you in the automotive industry and need to connect to RENAULT IAO R3D? Numlog can help you implement this solution, whatever your size.

As a long-standing partner, we have direct links in our core network to RENAULT’s data centres to give you access to digital mock-up tools. We recommend this solution for more than 10 users.

Less than 10 users? We offer a more economical solution via our S-VTI VPN gateway.

Do you have an Internet connection at Numlog? This interconnection will be entirely secure in our infrastructure and your data will not be sent over the Internet.

Do you have an ENX connection? You can also access the other services offered by RENAULT.


The key benefits

RENAULT  compliance

All our connections are made in strict compliance with RENAULT recommendations: double level II point-to-point connection.

Adaptable solution

Depending on the number of users, we’ll recommend the solution that’s best for you.

Support and expertise

We guide you through every stage of your connection and supervise the service.

ENX network

The ENX (European Network eXchange) network is now the essential network for the exchange of engineering files, digital mock-ups and EDI messages between carmakers and their subcontractors.

As an official distributor of Orange Business Service (an ENX-certified French operator), we have put together a comprehensive, modular package to support you in your migration to ENX, including in particular :

  • implementing your connection ;
  • pooling and rationalising your usage ;
  • migration to the new ORANGE ENX BVPN solution ;
  • hosting your ENX link.

In addition to deployment within controlled timescales, we guarantee a connection that complies with the recommendations of the ENX association and the specifications of the principals.

Did you know ? 

The ENX network has been chosen by the French Ministry of Defence (DGA) as the technological foundation for its extranet.

The key benefits

Support from A to Z

Our experts will work with you to analyse your needs, help you choose the best connection solution and support you on a day-to-day basis.

Renowned expertise

With 80% of ENX network connections under our belt in France, we have a perfect command of the processes involved.

They trust us