VoIP telephony
Business telephony tailored to your needs

VoIP technology is the “new generation” of telephony using Internet links. Numlog can help you migrate your telephony system, whatever the size of your company.

With Numlog, implementing your VoIP telephony has never been easier!

Managing business communications is a strategic issue. Smooth calls, simplified management, equipment adapted to usage… Corporate telephony is a real challenge if you are to respond effectively to the demands of your customers and suppliers.

Are your business telephony systems obsolete? Would you like to optimise your telecommunications? Whatever the size of your company and the nature of your needs, Numlog can help you set up and manage your next-generation telephony: VoIP telephony.

VoIP telephony, a host of benefits

Compared with traditional telephony (PSTN), VoIP telephony, also known as internet telephony or telephony over IP (Internet Protocol), offers a number of advantages:

  • Simplified installation configuration of workstations
  • Centralisation of equipment and easier maintenance
  • High-performance, secure communications
  • A wide range of services (videoconferencing, file sharing, call transfer, etc.)
  • More economical solution with controlled telecommunications costs.

At Numlog, we have several IP telephony packages to suit every need. In addition to installation, you’ll benefit from comprehensive, customised network management services (hosting your services, equipment supply, technology replacement, etc.).

Unified management of your communications

Numlog is an Internet link operator and also offers top-of-the-range VoIP telephony services.

Expert contact

Our team is made up of VoIP telephony experts. They will work with you to analyse the current state of your telephone network and advise you on the best installation.

Customised offers

Depending on the size of your company, we will tailor your requirements to offer you the best value for money.

Supported deployment

We work alongside you to configure and supervise all your installations, making it easier for you to manage your network.

Supplying equipment

Fixed telephone, cordless telephone, headset, FaxIP gateway, conference telephone, SWITCH network equipment, router with QoS… we can provide you with all the equipment you need.


This scalable solution will simplify the use of your fixed telephony, webclient, softphone or mobile (Android and IOS) by synchronising your extension.

You’ll be able to manage your calls, configure your messaging, use web conferencing services, chat live, and many other features.

3CX is an open-standards VoIP software PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that works with the most common IP telephone sets and SIP trunks, locally or in the Numlog cloud.


The key benefits

Centralised tool and unified communications
With 3CX, you can take your extension wherever you go. Stay connected in all circumstances with ease.

Quality services
Unified communications can boost collaboration and productivity within your company. The system also increases your employees’ mobility.

Simplified management 
Access to a dedicated administration console means you can easily create, modify and delete extensions and SDAs.



Centrex is the ideal solution for businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Also known as hosted telephony, Centrex is an economical fixed telephony system with no constraints.

It is based on hosting a shared IPBX at the operator’s premises, and does not require Internet access to operate. This presence in a virtual machine shared between several customers means you avoid all installation and maintenance costs.

In addition, and depending on your existing installation, we can provide an IP connection for your traditional PABXs (PATTON solutions).

Connected to the Internet, Centrex telephony is an open service. Depending on how you use it, you can benefit from telephony-computer convergence to take advantage of computer telephony applications or integrate your fixed telephone with your business applications.

The main characteristics

Turnkey telephony

Easy deployment

Cost control

Unlimited communications

They trust us