VPN software
Access your corporate network via a secure, private virtual network

What is a VPN? An acronym for Virtual Private Network, a VPN can be set up within your company to connect to an external service, CLOUD resources, etc. On site, on the move, remote working, connect to your ecosystem without difficulty!


Opt for a corporate VPN that combines security and service continuity

The corporate network is evolving; sites are becoming increasingly remote and employees increasingly mobile. What’s more, the rise of remote working is forcing companies to think about their remote connections. By calling on Numlog, you can simplify the implementation of a dedicated VPN in line with your IT system configurations and uses.

Do you want to interconnect remote sites via secure networks using the Internet? Are you looking to connect your employees to the corporate network? Whatever your needs, our VPN solutions meet the same security, confidentiality and service continuity requirements as a standard single-site internal network.

Remote access and security, the winning duo 

The security of your IT system is our priority.

Our private VPN solutions connect your remote sites via a 100% private network. Based on private, isolated, multi-operator Ethernet links, the Numlog network ensures the confidentiality of your data and eliminates any risk of your network being penetrated.

Our public VPN solutions are implemented via flows that transit the Internet in encrypted tunnels. The security and confidentiality of your data are ensured by the VPN gateway function of our Firewall solutions.

Interconnection expert

As an expert in the implementation of complex, heterogeneous, multi-site network infrastructures, Numlog can help you with your remote site interconnection and/or remote access projects.

We will work with you to diagnose your current situation and study your needs and constraints in order to offer you the best VPN solution.

Proven infrastructure

Benefit from guaranteed access to your services and data and a customised solution tailored to your network access needs.


Security and confidentiality

The security, confidentiality and integrity levels of the modular data can be configured according to your business, technical, geographical and legal constraints.


Technical expertise

From the analysis of your needs to on-site installation, you can count on the support of one of our experts to provide you with personalised technical assistance.

Nomadic and remote access

The scope of your information system is no longer limited to your internal network. Nomadic employees, remote workers or partners (customers, subcontractors, etc.), more and more users need to be able to connect to and access your applications and company servers from outside, in complete transparency, while preserving the security of your network and your data.

Access to the network must be under optimum working conditions. Speed and security are therefore essential criteria when setting up a virtual private network (VPN).

Our SSL VPN solutions allow each remote user to connect to the company’s system from a client application downloaded to a Numlog SSL server. Regardless of the type of Internet connection, users have secure access to your corporate private network.

We also implement embedded VPN using UTM or VM Stormshield.

The key benefits


Users who need to connect to your company’s network simply launch an SSL VPN software application on their workstation and enter the provided connection address.



Our OPENVPN solution is available on the most common environments: Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux or mobile Android and IOS.


Confidentiality of exchanges

The deployed SSL VPN technology ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged using modern cryptographic mechanisms.


Security and restrictions

Depending on your security policy, it is possible to restrict access by external users.

Site interconnection

Interconnecting your sites is the primary function when setting up a VPN. At Numlog, we offer two types of connection:

> Private network interconnection :based on private, isolated, multi-operator Ethernet links, the Numlog network enables remote structures to be interconnected. It guarantees speed, reliability and flexibility thanks to a totally dedicated infrastructure calibrated to your needs. By strictly isolating your flows, it also ensures confidentiality and eliminates any risk of your network being penetrated.

> Public network interconnection : in this case, flows transit via the Internet in encrypted tunnels. Security and confidentiality are ensured by the VPN gateway function of our Firewall solutions (IPSEC protocol). Encrypted tunnels are established between your equipment.

This interconnection mode complements the private network: thanks to a VPN gateway, you can connect sites that are not accessible to private links for technical or economic reasons.

All our ISPs that collect your INTERNET links have an IPSec VPN gateway.

VTI or GRE IPSec VPN solutions are also available. Contact our experts.

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