SIP Trunk 
Routing your

Trunk SIP is an essential telephony vector, whatever your existing infrastructure. With VoIP technology, it is the invisible link between your company and your correspondents, ensuring all your telecommunications.

SIP Trunk for routing our communications

To decipher what a SIP Trunk is, we first need to understand what SIP stands for:

SIP – for Session Initiation Protocol – is a protocol used to initiate, maintain and terminate telephone calls over VoIP. SIP establishes the link between a sending telephone and a receiving telephone.

In a company using VoIP telephony services, each SIP terminal is connected to the Internet. The service routing the calls from all these terminals to their correspondents is called a SIP Trunk (trunk meaning that all the lines meet at one point and are routed to your provider’s infrastructure).

As you can see, the SIP Trunk is mandatory for any VoIP connection and enables the transit of your telephone traffic. At Numlog, we offer to maintain your current telephony infrastructure and take care of routing your communications.

A great compatibility of our offers

Our SIP Trunk solutions are compatible with various platforms, such as Teams, Alcatel, 3CX, Asterisk, Google Meet, Zoom, LiveStorm, Webex, GoTo Meeting etc.

A SIP Trunk can also be used to provide DID (Direct Inward Dialing). In France and abroad, your employees will have a unique number allocated to them by name.

If your telephony is hosted by Numlog, you can also benefit from supervision of your services.

The benefits of using VoIP

The advantages of a SIP Trunk are largely linked to those of VoIP telephony, with most companies using equipment connected by an IPBX (Internet Private Branch Exchange).

Customised offers

Depending on the size of your company, we will tailor your requirements to offer you the best value for money.

Cost control

Depending on your actual telecoms needs, we can configure a number of parameters to fine-tune the running cost and adapt your package to demand.

Scalable solution

Is your business changing and so are your telephone requirements? We adapt our offers according to your needs.

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