Dedicated infrastructure
Host your data
in total security

In Housing mode in our data centres
or on site at your company, Numlog
implements a customised solution to host your data in complete security.

A high-quality accommodation environment

Hosting requirements are specific to each company: creation and management of a complete infrastructure (IAAS), leasing of space (U), reservation of space to host your servers, etc.

Whatever your needs and your in-house resources, we’ll work with you to put in place the solution best suited to your needs and your business infrastructure.

From identifying your needs to choosing the hosting solution

Hosting your information system (IS) or your business applications in Housing mode, in one of our two data centres, or on site within your company, requires you to take a number of parameters into account: in-house resources, storage size and capacity, sensitivity of the data to be hosted, etc.

Not sure which option to choose? Our experts will analyse your infrastructure and resources to guide you towards the best technical solution.

Numlog, your partner for equipment outsourcing

As a data hosting and protection specialist, Numlog can help you with your outsourcing and hosting management projects. Applications, sensitive data… we offer you an infrastructure tailored to meet your business needs. Security, availability and connectivity are our watchwords.

Advice and expertise

You don’t necessarily need specific hosting skills. Numlog can guide you based on your business needs and infrastructure.

A single point of contact

From the study of your project to the technical implementation, you will benefit from the advice and follow-up of one of your experts, who will be your privileged point of contact.

Support and warranties

Technical assistance, installation support… Our technicians will intervene as quickly as possible if necessary.

Data centres (housing)

Would you like to outsource your data hosting? Numlog has two data centres with a high level of service and security for hosting your data in housing mode.

Whatever your needs: creating and managing a complete infrastructure (IAAS), leasing space (U), reserving space to host your servers, etc., we offer an infrastructure tailored to your business needs and constraints.

Data centres made in France

Our two data centres in the Paris region are linked by fully redundant paths to avoid isolation in the event of a technical problem.

We also have storage bays with synchronous replication, so you can be sure of a total BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in the event of a major incident at one of the sites.

The key benefits

Economic gain

There’s no need to manage your company’s computer room.


Secure premises

Our two data centres are fully secure, with surveillance and specific alarm systems.


Easier management

When you outsource your hosting, we take care of server administration on your behalf.


Provision of tools

You’ll have access to tools (software and infrastructure) for storing, archiving and managing their business data in total security.

On-site hosting

Would you like to host your data directly within your company? Numlog can help you with the technical implementation of your servers to create your own virtualisation infrastructures.

After analysing your needs, we will offer a hosting infrastructure tailored to your requirements. We provide you with a set of resources (CPU / memory / HDD) enabling you to host and manage your services within your company.

Comprising one or more servers, you will also have the option of setting up a DRP or BCP to guarantee your infrastructure and the recovery of your stored data in the event of an incident on your hosting site.

The key benefits

Dedicated solution

We study your business needs and constraints in advance, so you get a tailor-made infrastructure.

Managing your equipment

You own the physical equipment, so you can manage your entire installation as you see fit.


We’ll supply you with the hardware you need and help you set up your infrastructure, either face-to-face or remotely, depending on your contract with us.

They trust us