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Maintenance and backups of your system

Whether you need data backups, infrastructure backups, VM replication, Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) or Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Numlog can work with you to provide the best services.

Reliable availability of your infrastructure 

For any company, whatever its size or the nature of its business, maintaining its information system is a strategic issue. Whether you are a large group, an SME or a public body, you need to be able to benefit from a high level of service and availability of your infrastructure, even in the event of a technical incident.

At the heart of this crucial question: the backup of your data with the option of outsourcing your backups to one of our French data centres. 

Beyond backup solutions, setting up a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) or even a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) can be essential to ensure and maintain your business in the event of a disaster.

DRP / BCP, what differences, for what needs ?

These two concepts are often confused, but each solution has its own specific features.

The purpose of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is to describe the procedures needed to ensure that your IT system can be restarted quickly and safely, without any loss of data. The aim is to anticipate and limit the effects of any disaster.

The aim of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to guarantee the high availability of your information system (IS), by ensuring that all the critical applications needed for your business are available, even in the event of a disaster.

Customised backup and restoration of your information system

Numlog implements backup solutions for companies of all sizes, in line with your critical resource management and your business challenges.

Advice and expertise

From the analysis of your needs to on-site installation, you can count on the support of one of our experts for personalised follow-up.

Reliability of solutions

We can provide you with an infrastructure in one of our French data centres for your backups, DRP or BCP, with appropriate levels of security.

Availability of the information system

Restore lost data, report available backups, redundant procedures and equipment to ensure the high availability of your services.


You wish to implement a DRP or BCP to maintain your activity in the event of an incident? Numlog can assist you in designing the right solution for your needs.

The main challenge is to minimise the risk of service interruption for your business. Implementing the right solution then depends on how critical your applications are.

The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

When we set up your DRP, we work with you to define the resources and procedures needed to ensure that your activity resumes under the best possible conditions.

To achieve this, the backup system is crucial, as is restoring your data from a backup site.

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Uninterrupted service and transparent replication of your data in real time for your users: these are the main challenges of a BCP. The design of your information system architecture is central to the BCP.

Numlog can help you install redundant equipment (network, data storage system, servers, datacenters) capable of automatically taking over if one of the main components fails.

The DRP / BCP can be set up in the form of a VM, a dedicated or shared infrastructure.

The key benefits

Redundancy of your infrastructure

High availability of servers

Security of your information system


Are you looking for an optimal data backup and security solution? As a VeeamBackup partner, we can help you implement a reliable, tailor-made solution.

A complete backup solution for your infrastructure, replication of your VMs at a specific frequency to another site in order to guarantee a BCP in the event of a disaster at the main site… our experts can support you by outsourcing your backups to our French data centres.

The key benefits


Automatic management and planning


Restoring lost data


Setting up of reports


Reduced IT costs

Domain names

Beyond reserving your domain names, are you looking for a management and maintenance solution? Numlog can help you host your domain names.

As a member of RIPE and AFNIC, we have the technical resources to reserve, transfer and manage your domain names.

Contact our experts to find out more.

The key benefits

Managing transfers between registrars



DNS maintenance

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