EDTI : Technical Data Exchange
Dematerialise your document exchanges

Designed for engineering documents, electronic technical data interchange (EDTI) is at the heart of the dialogue between industrial partners. It makes information flows between them easier and more reliable.

Optimised exchange of CAD files

With EDI applied to engineering files, the sending of drawing or computer-aided design (CAD) documents is automated. They are sent directly from computer to computer, without human intervention. This simplifies and secures data communication between partners. Information is more reliable. Supply processes are accelerated.

For example, carmakers work with a large number of equipment manufacturers to develop the many parts that make up a vehicle. EDTI enables plans to be read by heterogeneous information systems (IS).

Galia V3, OFTP 1 and OFTP 2 protocols

The OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) has been used to standardise the communication of computerised technical data between companies. There are currently two versions: OFTP 1 and OFTP 2.

Linked to developments in telecommunications networks, this standardisation movement has been gradual. It was launched in the 1990s by the European organisation Odette and the French association Galia. The latter is also behind another EDTI protocol currently used mainly in France: Galia V3.

Transmit your CAD data with Numlog

Numlog is the first French software publisher to obtain OFTP 2 certification, making it easier to manage engineering documents electronically. Particularly between industrial partners in the automotive sector. We adapt to your technical, business and organisational constraints to streamline and secure your technical information exchanges. Given the complexity of logistics processes and the diversity of information systems, we are your single point of contact.

EDTI expertise

You don’t need technical EDI skills. Numlog gives you the benefit of its dual technological and sectoral expertise in electronic technical data interchange.

Exchanging large files

Your company can send and receive CAD drawings, which are particularly large and complex. Their format is standardised.

Productivity gains

EDTI eliminates manual data processing and reduces the risk of data entry errors.

All the more reason to boost your company’s productivity.


Reliability of solutions

With Numlog’s tools, your exchanges are secure. They are monitored and traceable. Confidentiality rules are respected.


FT-Master is the global answer to your data communication needs with your customers and suppliers equipped with EDTI solutions. Particularly in the automotive sector (OFTP 1 and OFTP 2 protocols).

Exchanging technical data from a single platform? Numlog’s FT-Master tool establishes this link with your business partners. It was developed in compliance with French and European recommendations set by the Galia, Odette and VDA associations.

Real-time transfer

The solution is integrated into your information system. It enables engineering data to be transferred in real time. Communication traceability is guaranteed.

With FT-Master, you can manage exchanges and rights relating to your partners and users as closely as possible. Of course, all data is protected (security, recovery in the event of a power cut, anti-intrusion proxy).

FT-Master can be installed on your premises (physical or virtual station) or hosted by Numlog in our Datacentre.

The benefits

Unique EDTI platform

Multi-protocol, multi-format, multi-network and multilingual, FT-Master adapts to the specific needs of your sector.

Complete web solution

You have a single EDTI tool for all your company’s sites, accessible via a simple Internet browser (HTTPS).


Included in your environment

FT-Master integrates with your PLM, PDM application or file conversion tools. It respects your constraints and requirements in terms of internal security.


WEB-EDTI is your portal for exchanging engineering data with your industrial partners who are not equipped with EDTI solutions.

How do you exchange technical information with your partners who don’t have an OFTP solution? Numlog’s WEB-EDTI makes it possible: a secure extranet accessible via an Internet browser. Easy to use and powerful, it complements FT-MASTER and uses all of its features.

Traceability of exchanges

The solution enables engineering data to be transferred in real time. Communication is traceable, for you and all your customers and suppliers. Data confidentiality is also guaranteed (authentication and strict management of user access rights).

The benefits

Unique administration interface

User IDs are added and deleted via FT-MASTER. The web interface is identical.

Available 24 hours a day

You and your partners can use WEB-EDTI whenever you want.


Fast, secure deployment

WEB-EDTI is based on the HTTPS protocol. It is a complementary module to the FT-MASTER solution.

They trust us