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EDI is on the move, here’s an overview!

Odette : The first meeting of automotive EDI players in 3 years (COVID), the Odette trade fair took place on 23 and 24 May in Prague. Topics covered included the impact of electronic component shortages and supply chain optimisation, with an increasing emphasis on electric vehicles.

Electronic invoicing : the pace is accelerating, with the launch of the confidence charter in June 2023, the launch of the pilot scheme for large companies in January 2024, compulsory issue by SMEs in January 2025 and January 2026. Throughout this period, Numlog is here to help you move towards digital invoicing.

HUB-Master : Our EDI solution, connect to Numlog and be connected with your ecosystem around the world!

Interconnecter, communicate, host – you can rely on our expertise!

Internet connection, Voice over IP (VOIP) telephony, interconnection to remote networks (WAN), as well as securing data flows (VPN, firewall)… We know how to adapt to your needs and offer you the best solutions.

What’s more, our network is expanding with the opening of a new Data Centre in Paris! We guarantee that your data will be hosted on a bespoke basis, in complete security and with a high level of availability.

EDTI : Exchange your technical data

As the first French publisher to obtain OFTP2 certification, Numlog’s tools facilitate the electronic management of engineering documents, particularly between industrial partners in the automotive sector.

We adapt to your technical, business and organisational constraints to streamline and secure your data exchanges.

Take advantage of the FT-Master station virtualisation campaign to update the OS version to guarantee maximum security and enable you to obtain the latest version of our solution!

TISAX certification, a new step forward!

We have implemented an ISMS (Information Security Management System) for the operation of our information system, which has enabled us to obtain the TISAX label.

The TISAX “Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange” standard, administered by the ENX association, is based on the ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 standards.

Its main objective is to assess the level of information security covering the scope of a company’s ISMS, the assessment of suppliers and the exchange of information.

This certification is in demand in the automotive industry worldwide. For your future projects, you can rely on NUMLOG to guarantee the security of your data.

In June, a Team Building event took place in good spirits:

Paintball, BBQ, go-karting and a dinner to round off the day!