News – December 2022

Information about power cuts.

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Following recent announcements about the risk of power cuts in certain geographical areas and during certain hours, Numlog is here to help you prepare for this period.

Restrictions and power cuts… What about my professional services?

As you know, the situation linked to winter temperatures and French electricity consumption could lead to exceptional load shedding on the electricity network.

For the moment, no announcement has been made and we are not certain that these power cuts will occur.

In order to anticipate the impact, we are reviewing your Numlog services with you:

In a data centre:

Our data centres are protected by generators, which ensure long operating autonomy and the possibility of replenishment if necessary.

According to government announcements, power outages should not exceed 2 hours, and recovery time will be provided by power supply maintenance solutions.

Outside of a data centre:

These measures concern equipment on the network developed and owned by NUMLOG within our data centres, but do not concern solutions and equipment on third-party operator networks.

It is therefore possible, depending on the measures taken by the operators of these networks, that these load shedding operations will not be fully covered and will have an impact on your solutions.

A few solutions to help you prepare and secure your access.

We can quickly put in place solutions to minimise the consequences of any power cuts that may occur, and here are our proposals:

Hosting: You can outsource your servers and sensitive data to one of our data centres, so that they are more accessible in all circumstances.

VPN et and remote work: We can set up VPN solutions to access your data stored in our data centres from any telecoms network.

Business telephony: Setting up a telephony solution hosted in our CLOUD so that you can take your switchboard anywhere. This network will be accessible via 4G or another INTERNET source.

Internet back up : Secure INTERNET access by using a second link based on another technology to compensate for any unavailability of your main service (4G, fibre optics, etc.).

You can rely on us, and if we are informed of any load shedding operations, we will be sure to relay the information to you as quickly as possible in order to best anticipate the situation.

If you have any questions about this communication, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and technical teams.

The entire Numlog team wishes you a very happy festive season.

See you soon.