Why pay for
software when
customers provide
free portals?

The advantage of the GS1 standard is that you only have to manage one set of data for all your customers: “Enter once and distribute to all”.

By using the free portals, you no longer have to enter hundreds of pieces of data, but thousands, or even tens of thousands!

Then there are the risks of data entry errors from one portal to another, problems managing product updates, problems managing access to portals between colleagues, ongoing training on each of the portals, and so on.

Most of the time, these portals are made available to those who do not wish to invest in their own GS1 portal. The GS1 portal you choose will centralise the data and enable you to distribute it very simply to everyone.

So check with our teams, there are certainly Numlog solutions that will save you time, limit your risk of commercial disputes and save you money.

Written by : The Numlog team