Steep Plastique
Case study

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Steep Plastique is an international automotive supplier with production sites in Europe and Africa, specialising in precision parts, fluid and air management, interior and exterior trim, acoustics and electrical architecture…

Customer needs

“The Information Systems Department wanted to outsource managed services (Fibre optics, Telephony, Anti-spam, Firewall, VPN, EDI, network…) to protect itself from potential risks and ensure optimum service by Numlog. ”

Numlog’s response

“We were previously managing several systems and network providers for several of our services, which made it impossible to achieve satisfactory availability and simplicity of support for the various applications. We therefore decided to centralise this facilities management with a single service provider, Numlog, by making perceived service quality central to the contractual arrangement. In concrete terms, our challenge was above all to facilitate exchanges and improve responsiveness, in order to make our tools more reliable. We also needed a specialist capable of optimising the platform and working on continuous improvement.

The choice of MSP (Managed Service Provider) was crucial if we were to achieve our objectives, which led us to insist on their ability to deliver in a number of areas: a solid organisation with excellent skills in the technologies concerned, real proximity on a day-to-day basis, support based on the strength of their proposals and the sound advice of their experts. There was also a strong focus on optimising supervision, which is key to making production more reliable. Finally, we were looking to secure data by automating back-up and replication to ensure high availability for our users, while optimising the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to cope with any prolonged service interruptions.”

Paul Proton, Information Systems Director at Steep Plastique