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Secure your data exchanges and


While Internet Protocol is a de facto standard, the increasing number of networks, protocols and exchange formats make it difficult to implement a unified, secure and consistent communications system between heterogeneous information systems and/or sites.

Software publisher and service provider

Numlog analyzes your legacy and then gives you advice and support to implement solutions to secure your data exchanges and communications, solutions that will address the technical, business and organizational constraints of your industry.

Our solutions cover four main areas :
  • EDTi : Technical data exchange
  • EDI : Logistics data exchange (EDI)
  • NETWORK Activities :
    • Connection to the ENX network
    • Interconnection of remote site and granting mobile workers access to the information system
    • Hight-speed Internet connections (xDSL, fibers optics)
    • Telephony services and VOiP
  • PIM : Product Information management