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SIM-WebEDI : turnkey EDI

You don’t have a production management system, but your originators are forcing you to use EDI processes? You want to exchange data with your suppliers, but they don’t have EDI solutions ?

SIM-WebEDI fulfills your needs: receive orders, send notices to ship and invoices and generate GALIA labels without installing anything at your sites or your partners’ sites, because SIM-WebEDI is accessible via Web browser.

Simple, fast implementation

Available as a subscription to an online service, SIM-WebEDI :

  • Does not require any specific internal expertise, or any changes to your current IT infrastructure
  • Is cost-effective in terms of installation and operating costs
  • Meets the quality and traceability constraints required by your partners
Main functions

Available in multiple languages, like all our solutions, SIM-WebEDI covers the entire logistics chain :

  • Display received, fulfilled, partially delivered and fully delivered customer orders
  • Display completed, future (with date) and partial shipments
  • Generate orders for your suppliers
  • Generate total and partial shipments
  • Generate shipping orders
  • Generate GALIA labels
  • Send and edit invoices based on completed shipments
  • Monitor inventory movements in your Advanced Manufacturing Warehouse
Compatible with major data exchange protocols and formats

Transparent for your partners, SIM-WebEDI is compatible with most formats and exchange standards used by automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers :

  • CINDI/L3P/GPI (Renault)