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Network : VPN and site interconnection

Corporate networks are changing. They are more spread out, more open and accessible from the outside by mobile workers, teleworkers, suppliers, partners and customers. Nevertheless, they still have to meet the same security, confidentiality and continuity of service requirements that an internal, homogeneous, single-site network has to meet.

With our expertise in implementing complex and heterogeneous multiple site network infrastructures, Numlog analyzes your legacy, needs and constraints and then provides support for your remote site interconnection projects.

We offer two types of connections :

  • Site interconnection via private network : based on private links outside of the Internet (multiple ISPs), the Numlog network can interconnect remote sites. The network provides guaranteed fast speed, reliability and flexibility through a fully dedicated infrastructure that is calibrated to your needs. By isolating your flows, the network also provides confidentiality and eliminates any network intrusion risks.
  • Site interconnection via public network : in this case, flows are sent via Internet in encrypted tunnels. Our Firewall solutions’ VPN gateway (IPSec protocol) guarantees security and confidentiality. Encrypted tunnels are set up between your equipment. This interconnection mode extends the private network : using a VPN gateway, you can connect sites that do not have access to private links due to technical or cost-related reasons.

We provide two services for remote access for your mobile workers and teleworkers :

  • An SSL client for remote access over private networks
  • An IPSec VPN client for remote access over public networks

As a virtual Internet Service Provider (multiple ISPs), we can also provide high-speed Internet connections customized to the needs of each of your sites (ADSL, SDSL, EFM, fiber optics).