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TUXEDI : EDI translator

Tuxedi was designed to standardize exchanges and transmission of computerized data (logistics and administrative) in a standardized format that can be used by all your partners.

Open solution
  • XML standard : EDI message translation using an open, non-compiled, non-proprietary format for greater autonomy and scalability and consequently a long-lasting investment
  • Major EDI standards supported : EDIFACT (and derivatives), VDA, XML and ANSI X12
  • Communication protocols : OFTP/OFTP2, X400 P7, AS2, FTP(S) and SCP
  • Supported networks : TCP/IP (ENX, IPSec VPN and Internet) or ISDN/X25, in combination with Numlog or third-party data exchange tools
  • Easy integration into your information system
Simple and intuitive solution
  • Web interface to display exchanges simply and efficiently
  • Many exchange, alert, filtering and processing scenarios, ranging from the simplest to the most complex
  • Multiple languages and multiple users : a single tool for all corporate sites offering granular settings by user and by site
Two implementation methods
  • As a transfer monitor (Tuxedi Light) : you keep your EDI translator
  • As an EDI translator and transfer monitor
Consulting and support
  • Support to map data and translations
  • Complete management of your EDI projects, if required.