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About Numlog

Founded in 1993 by two former Renault Group employees, Numlog publishes and integrates software solutions that secure technical and logistics data exchanges and network communications within or outside companies.

FT-Master, a technical data exchange solution, was the first product developed and sold by Numlog. Over time our range of services and solutions has expanded and now covers everything needed to secure data exchanges, network access and communications.

Today our solutions cover five main areas :
  • EDTi : technical data exchange
  • EDI : logistics data exchange
  • Network : connection to the ENX network
  • Network : interconnection of remote sites
  • Network : high-speed Internet connections (xDSL, fiber optics)

Whatever industry you work in – original equipment manufacturer, mass market distribution or mail-order retailing, Numlog is a single provider that :

  • Understands your technological, business and cost constraints ;
  • Helps you implement reliable, long-lasting and scalable solutions.

Our more than 300 customers include Autoneum France, Bontaz Centre, Bourbon AP, Cirdoc, GMD, Le Bélier, Magdis, Nobel Automotive, Olsa, PSA, Segula,Sogefi (groupe), TAT Express,Valeo.

History, key dates
1993 Numlog is founded and releases FT-Master, an OFTP data exchange system.
2000 Numlog expands its business to network security challenges and releases its range of firewalls and IPSec VPN gateways
ENX implementation support services are developed.
2001 Virtual Internet service provider: Numlog installs and manages xDSL and fiber optics lines for our customers.
2003 Numlog signs a partnership agreement with France Telecom to distribute ENX services.
2004 Numlog deploys its products in a datacenter, using high-availability and redundant infrastructures.
2005 First EDI solution: multi-standard EDI translator and communication module
Numlog launches the HUB-Master Value-Added Network (VAN): multiple network and multiple protocol routing of EDI messages, an EDI outsourcing and tax compliant paperless invoicing solution.
2007 Numlog becomes an Orange Business Services expert partner for their ENX solutions.
2008 Numlog solutions are hosted in a second datacenter with, in the event of a failure, automatic transfer from one datacenter to the other (Disaster Recovery Plan).
2009 Numlog is the first French software publisher to receive OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol) certification, the European standard for data exchanges.