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Network : Connection to the ENX network

Originally designed as a secure, European extranet for communicating and exchanging engineering files (EDTi) between automotive manufacturers and their original equipment manufacturers, the ENX network is gradually replacing the ISDN network, which is being phased out.
The ENX network is also a replacement for the X25 network, which will be shut down on September 30, 2011, for logistics data exchanges (EDI).

The ENX network is encrypted and known for its reliability and high performance; it was selected by the French Ministry of Defense as the technology foundation for its extranet.

As an Orange Business Services (French ENX certified provider) Expert Partner, Numlog can help you :

  • connect to the ENX network and to originators’ applications ;
  • Pool and streamline your use of the ENX network : reduce the number of networks with your partners and/or extend ENX to new applications (messaging, interactive applications, collaborative work and multimedia communication) in addition to technical and logistics data exchanges.

In addition to roll out within controlled deadlines, we guarantee a connection that is compliant with :

  • The ENX Association’s guidelines, especially security guidelines (coupling with our firewall solutions) ;
  • The originators’ specifications : including manufacturers, first tier original equipment manufacturers and the French Ministry of Defense.

Benefits :

  • A decrease in your telecommunication costs: lines, Value-Added Network ;
  • Reliable and high-performing solutions for technical and logistics data exchanges.

We provide more than 80% of connections to the ENX network in France and have expert knowledge of the services, processes and procedures used by Orange Business Services and originators.