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Web-EDTi Portal : Engineering data exchange portal

The Web-EDTi portal is a solution to exchange engineering data with your partners who do not have an OFTP solution, through a secure extranet that can be accessed via Web browser.

Designed to be high-performing and user friendly, our Web-EDTi portal is based on all of FT-Master’s functions :

Web solution, available 24/7
  • An intuitive solution identical to FT-Master that can be accessed through a Web interface via Web browser.
  • Email alerts and shipping/receipt dashboards
  • Available 24/7: the application is hosted in our Datacenter
  • Fast roll out (supplementary module to FT-Master)
  • Single administration interface (via FT-Master)
  • Confidentiality: authentication and strict management of user access rights
  • Traceability of all exchange for you and your partners
  • Solution based on HTTPS protocol: simple and secure roll out, in particular in countries that ban FTP protocol