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HUB-Master : EDI outsourcing Value-Added Network

With HUB-Master, a Value-Added Network (VAN), manufacturers can free themselves from problems related to acquiring and managing the multiple protocols and networks required by their partners for logistics data exchanges.

With HUB-Master, you send and receive standardized EDI files. We are responsible for sending them to your partner, without any additional involvement on your part, using the protocol and network that your partner expects – and your partner does not have to use HUB-Master.

HUB-Master is a open, easy to access, secure gateway to the outside world for EDI. Its simple rate structure and its reliable and high-performing architecture make it a competitive, recognized VAN.

Universal VAN
  • Multiple protocols : including OFTP1, OFTP2, X400, AS2, FTP, SFTP, SCP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and FAX...
  • Multiple networks : Internet, ENX, X25 and ISDN...
  • Multiple standards : ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VDA and all standards derived from EDIFACT (EANCOM, ODETTE, GENCOD and others...)
  • Compatible with all message types: including orders, notices to ship and invoices...
  • Interconnection according to the guidelines of major originators (such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Lamborghini, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo...)
  • Interconnection with multiple VANs (including Covisint, GXS, Indra, Inovis, Intesa and Sterling Commerce...)
  • Bringing new communication partners online, without any limits or additional costs
Main functions
  • Secure display of exchanges via Web browser
  • Recovery and manual transmission of automated exchanges in failsoft mode
  • Secure display of current costs for the service
  • Email alerts for specific events (including resent interchange and box not emptied by the client after a given time period...)
Secure infrastructure
  • High-availability service : all servers and networks are redundant on two separate hosting centers
  • Guaranteed service restore time – 4 hrs and 30 min (compensation will be paid if the guarantee is not met)
  • Data, excluding paperless invoices, will be stored for at least one year and available online
Optional features :
  • Complete EDI outsourcing

With this service, which can be customized for all business sectors – automotive, mass market distribution, logistics, mail-order retailing and more – and can interface with all ERPs on the market, we are your sole EDI service provider, from translating your data to delivery and secure transfer.

  • Tax compliant paperless invoicing

This service, which makes your company paperless, includes annual delivery of an optical disc copy of invoices sent for the year, as well as creating a summary of invoices sent and received, a list of paperless invoicing partners, and legible reproductions of invoices in PDF and HTML format.

In accordance with the legal procedures set forth in Official Tax Bulletin no. 136 of August 7, 2003, customer data is stored for at least 10 years.