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FT-Master : CAD and CADM data exchange solution

FT-Master is your single start and end point for technical data exchanges (drawings, models and CAD files) with all your partners.

FT-Master was developed in accordance with French and European guidelines from GALIA, ODETTE and VDA. It provides a comprehensive response to your EDTi challenges.

Single platform for technical data exchanges
  • Multiple protocols (GALIA V3, OFTP 1.x and OFTP 2.x)
  • Multiple formats: ABSTRACT, ENGDAT and standalone files
  • Multiple networks: ISDN, ENX and Internet
  • Multiple languages
Complete, intuitive Web solution
  • A single tool for all corporate sites that can be accessed via Web browser
  • Add, modify and delete partners
  • Email alerts and shipping/receipt dashboards
  • Automatic transmission compression
  • Transfer restart in the event of outages
  • Management of archives of data sent and received
  • FT-Master is delivered with a server
  • Traceability: Who? What? When ?
  • Data confidentiality: management of access rights by user, by project and by site
  • Network: server protected by a relay
Integration with the legacy
  • Integration with your PLM, PDM and file conversion tools
  • Internal security: compliance with your constraints and requirements