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Connection to the ENX network

The ENX network (European Network eXchange), initially set up by European companies in the automotive industry to interconnect their partner sites through a virtual private network (VPN), due to its security, performance and reliability, is gradually becoming :

  • the key network for exchanging engineering files, digital models and EDI messages, between automotive manufacturers and their subcontractors ;
  • the cornerstone for exchanges between arms manufacturers and the French Ministry of Defense, since the Ministry selected ENX as the technology foundation for its extranet ;
  • a replacement network for the X25 network for logistics data exchanges and for ISDN for technical data exchanges.

We are an Orange Business Services (French ENX certified provider) Expert Partner and we offer a full range of customizable services to support your migration to ENX.

Administrative support
  • Sign the ENX contract with Orange Business Services
  • Register your company with the ENX Association
  • Analyze your partners’ environments: network connection requests already received, partners who are migrating and more. (for companies in the automotive industry)
  • Help create the file containing all the documents required by DGA [French Armaments Procurement Agency] (for arms companies)
Business support
  • Automotive

- Analyze the legacy EDI and EDTi
- Monitor the project to roll out your applications on ENX
- Replace your current VAN
- Connect you to the portal and digital model
- Migrate all your EDTi and EDI flows that can be sent over ENX

  • Arms

- Help register your company in the partner area
- Validate proper navigation in the partner area

Technical support
  • Analyze the legacy : network, protocols and security
  • Help define settings for a firewall or provide a firewall
  • Help define settings for your workstations

If you do not have a physical location in France, but want to receive French ENX rates, we can host your ENX access in one of our Datacenters, in accordance with the guidelines of originators and the ENX Association.