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EDTi : Technical Data Exchange

Industrial companies’ business revolves around engineering files, CA design files and CA drafting files, especially in the automotive industry, where manufacturers work with multiple original equipment manufacturers to develop the parts that comprise a vehicle.

Numlog was the first French software publisher to receive OFTP 2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol – a European data exchange standard) certification. We can help you implement solutions to simplify, pool and secure your technical data exchanges (EDTi) with your major originators :

  • Exchange complex and bulky engineering files
  • Manage protocols, formats and heterogeneous communication networks
  • Comply with confidentiality rules
  • Monitor and trace exchanges
  • Interface with major PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools and convert files automatically

Our technical data exchange solutions are available in multiple languages and are designed to fit your needs, and to address your business and technological constraints :

  • FT-Master : a web tool for exchanges with your customers and suppliers that have EDTi solutions (OFTP)
  • Web-EDTi Portal : a web interface to exchange engineering, CA design and CA drafting files with your partners that do not have EDTi solutions