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EDI : Logistics Data Exchange

From issuing orders to invoicing, notices to ship and other delivery orders, paperless data exchange (EDI) accelerates supply processes through direct logistics flows between originators and their suppliers. EDI increases a company’s productivity by eliminating manual processing and reducing the risk of data entry errors.

However, given the complexity of logistics procedures and the wide range of information systems, formats, networks and protocols used, it is hard to handle without increasing the number of people involved and thus the cost.

Regardless of your business sector – whether it’s automotive original equipment manufacturer, mass market distribution, mail-order retailing or other – Numlog is a single provider that understands your business challenges and will help you implement solutions to automate, pool and secure your logistics data exchanges with your partners.

Using our technological expertise and industry knowledge we can offer fully-equipped services, from translating an EDI message into standard language, to routing said message and delivering it to its recipient :

  • TUXEDI : a multi-standard EDI translator and communication module
  • HUB-Master : a Value-Added Network (VAN), an EDI outsourcing and tax compliant paperless invoicing solution
  • SIM-WebEDI : a hosted EDI solution for companies that want to exchange data with their partners (customers and suppliers) without implementation constraints
  • Connection to the ENX network, a replacement network for the X25 and ISDN networks