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Remote access

Your information system is no longer limited to your internal network. Mobile workers, teleworkers and partners (customers and subcontractors) – an increasing number of users must be able to connect to and access your applications and corporate servers from the outside transparently, while maintaining the security of your network and data.

Based on your needs, we offer two different technologies to secure remote users’ access, selected for their simple roll out, administration and user-friendliness.

SSL Client: securing remote access over a private network
  • Installation of an SSL client software program on each affected station
  • Secure access to your corporate private network, anywhere in the world, regardless of the Internet connection used (low bandwidth, high-speed or 3G)
  • Data encryption
  • Ability to create a restricted access area in your network
IPSec VPN Client : secure remote access over a public network
  • Installation of an IPSec VPN client on every affected station
  • Compatible with most VPN routers on the market
  • Increased security for remote access : tunneling, VPN configuration protection and dedicated IP address space
  • Access management by password or strong authentication (including smart cards and USB keys)
  • Strong encryption (3DES 192 bit, AES 128, 192, 256 bit and RSA 2048)