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02/10/2010 – FT-Master certified OFTP2

Our FT-Master solution for engineering data exchanges was OFTP2 certified at the end of 2009.

Numlog, which helped draft the OFTP2 specifications, became an OFTP2 certification body at the same time.

Created in 1986 by Odette, an organization that sets standards for the European automotive industry, OFTP protocol is a de facto protocol for data exchanges between business partners. Given the globalization of Internet based exchanges, combined with the gradual phase out of exchanges over the X25 and ISDN networks, Odette decided to develop a new version of the OFTP protocol while still keeping its advantages, especially the background operation, breakpoint recovery, and simple integration within processing chains.

OFTP2 is the first solution that can be used worldwide. It is already an alternative to the X25 and ISDN networks. Several manufacturers have decided to deploy it :

  • PSA for EDTi exchanges (end of ISDN exchanges at the end of 2010)
  • Volvo for EDI and EDTi exchanges (end of ISDN exchanges at the end of 2010)
  • BMW for EDTi exchanges
  • VW and Daimler are in the process of validating their pilot projects

Read the article by Odette: What is OFTP2 and What are its Advantages ?

For the past several years, Numlog has worked with Odette to create a new version of OFTP and participated in all working meetings held to draft the specifications for version 2 and its implementation guide.

Results :

  • Our FT-Master solution was one of the first OFTP2 certified data exchange solutions ;
  • Odette International asked Numlog to certify the first software publisher who was not part of the OFTP2 working group.

Click here to view the list of OFTP2 certified software publishers.

We can analyze the implementation of OFTP2 at your site.