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07/03/2009 – PSA: technical data exchanges with suppliers must now be sent by IP

Automotive manufacturer PSA announced that it now wants all of its suppliers using OFTP1 ISDN to switch to IP technology.

Our FT-Master Web solution is compatible with the two options for engineering data exchanges over the ISDN network :

  • ENX network via OFTP1 protocol
  • Internet via OFTP2 protocol

Both of these solutions will reduce your transfer times and communications costs.

While OFTP2 protocol is not as well known as OFTP1 because it was released more recently, OFTP2 enables secure exchanges over the Internet. OFTP2 is already used by PSA (9 connected suppliers) and Volvo Group, is being tested at BMW and Daimler and will be tested soon at Volkswagen.

Numlog has nine customers who are currently connected to PSA using OFTP2.

The main technical characteristics of the OFTP2 protocol are :

  • Secure authentication
  • Data confidentiality
  • Electronic signatures
  • File compression (larger file sizes supported)
  • Secure TLS session (SSL v3 with client certificate)
  • Signed acknowledgement of receipt
  • International file description

We can help you analyze and implement a replacement solution, based on IP technology, that best suits your needs, your locations, and more generally, the automotive manufacturers with whom you work.